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We are a simple organization with one passion: To connect local producers with local consumers. Over the years we have found farmers and other local producers struggling to find people to buy their incredible, high-quality produce, meats, dairy and more. We created List Your Harvest as an easy way to help get the word out about local products and where to find them.

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We Should Be Able to Find Local Food On Our Smartphones

We Should Be Able to Find Local Food On Our Smartphones

We Should Be Able to Find Local Food On Our Smartphones 


I can find anything I want on my smart phone, almost.  I can find where local restaurants are located and what is on their menu. I can get almost everything from some type of online directory.   If you want to find a vehicle or art product you can find it on a website.  If you are looking for local food resources, you can find an outdated list of farmers and what they sold when the list was made years ago.

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