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We are a simple organization with one passion: To connect local producers with local consumers. Over the years we have found farmers and other local producers struggling to find people to buy their incredible, high-quality produce, meats, dairy and more. We created List Your Harvest as an easy way to help get the word out about local products and where to find them.

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Growing the Family Farm

Growing the Family Farm

Recently I went truck shopping with my dad.  Before we started the day, we looked on a couple of the more popular websites which listed what trucks were for sale, and from there decided which places to visit.  Using these websites helped us plan our time together much better so we could figure out where we wanted to go without driving to every dealership.  We drove around and test-drove the trucks he had chosen to look at, which were all Chevy of course. My dad always drives Chevy trucks.  After we completed all of our test drives we decided to stop to visit a friend of the family who I had not seen in years. 

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